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15 Aug 2008

> Maui’s Reefs
The coastal waters of Maui are blessed with a vast diversity of marine life and miles of exquisite coral reefs, making them some of the finest diving and fishing areas in the world. The Maui Reef Fund is a private program designed to help ensure that the outstanding coral reefs that you are visiting today are protected and healthy for generations to come.

> Maui at the turning point
Hawaii has the fourth longest coastline of any state in the US, and fully one-quarter of our reef fish exist nowhere else on Earth. However, we rank 48th in the nation in funding for coastal and aquatic management. This is unfortunate, because our fragile marine environment faces many serious threats, including:

  • Overfishing
  • Spread of alien species, particularly coral-killing algae
  • Destruction of ecosystems due to coastal development
  • Pollution
  • Damage to reefs from boats and anchoring

> Being a part of the solution
To counter these threats, a concerned group of conservation-minded individuals and organizations is actively working to protect Maui’s coral reefs and fish population. We have created a program that requests each visitor who dives, snorkels, fishes or otherwise makes use of the area’s marine resources to make a contribution to help protect Maui’s coastal environment.

Based on the average annual number of visitors who use our marine resources, even a dollar per person could total more than a million dollars a year, all to conserve marine resources in Maui. One dollar – PENNIES! you say? It’s true, it is not a lot of money, but it will add up to make a big impact.

Your contribution will go into a private, non-governmental fund which is managed by a Council of partner agencies including marine recreation operators, the Malama Kai Foundation, the Nature Conservancy, and other conservation organizations.

Scuba Mike: This is a great organization, please visit the web site at http://www.mauireeffund.org/

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  1. Aloha Mike,
    Thank you for helping spread the word about the Ocean Awareness Training and Maui Reef Fund!

  2. My pleasure, thanks for visiting my blog.
    Also, here is the link so you can click on it. There is also a link to donate to the fund: http://www.mauireeffund.org/

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