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17 Apr 2009

Affordable Maui Adventures

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A lot of people are visiting Maui these days on a shoe string budget and yet they are still having a great time. yes it’s true, you do not need a lot of money to have fun in Maui. As the saying goes, the best things in life are FREE!

If your comming to maui and your thinking “what can I do that will be a great experience but not cost a arm and a leg?” I hope you find my website, as I (Scuba Mike) do not need to charge rediculous ammounts for my personal tours as I do not have the high overhead of a boat or a dive shop, I have a van and top of the line equipment with 25 years of diving experience with a perfect safety record.

I pass my savings on to you while not compromising the awesome experience that you will have underwater in Maui’s beuatiful ocean. So if your looking for a great experience on a budget and you need to find savings and discounts, cruise on down and mention “web special” to get a discounted price for you and your group. You dont have to be cheap to save, dive with the best scuba instructors at http://www.scubamike.net


-Scuba Mike, Maui Hawaii

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  1. I was in Maui a few years ago. My wife and I got married there. I found it difficult to find operators that were not based out of Kehei. My only option was to trust the operators out of the hotels. It sounds like your service is a great one. I’ll definitely look you up the next time we’re in Maui.

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