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13 Jan 2009

Scuba Diving Maui in 2009


New years resolution; Scuba diving on Maui is what I want to do in 2009! But you say “Scuba Mike, you go scuba diving every day, don’t you?”. Well I recently suffered an injury which had my foot in a cast for the last month.

Tomorrow the cast comes off, and the ocean is beautiful, calling me to dive deep in the cool, healing Hawaiian waters of Maui.

If you have never gone Scuba diving, Maui is the best place to discover the under water world. With accessible shore dives and a wide aray of ocean life you will have an adventure that just might spark your passion for the ocean and a life long connection to nature.

I wish you all the best in 2009, I hope you remember to malama da aina, malama ke kai. When diving or snorkeling always respect the ocean, the reef and it’s inhabitants.


Let’s go Scuba Dive Maui!

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5 Responses to Scuba Diving Maui in 2009
  1. Be sure to post some pictures from your dive!

  2. today diving on the west side of Maui, we not only saw 15 turtles and an octupus… but also heard the humpback whales singing……. great dive. Mike is a very knowledgable divemaster and knows where to take us for amazing experiences under water. Thanks Mike!

  3. Now I know that Maui is the best place to discover the under water world, and I will tell my friends to visit this place for perfect recreation.

  4. Maui looks like a great dive. Wish I was there.

    Scuba Diving Sarasota

  5. Hi Mike,

    I hope you are diving again. I would love to get back to Maui and dive some more. I look forward to more posts and pictures.

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