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09 May 2010

Maui Scuba Diving Certification (PADI)

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Maui Scuba Diving Certification (PADI)

Are you considering getting a PADI certification on your Maui vacation? Here we will discuss some of the considerations when planning to get PADI certified. It is important in whatever activity you do that you have a good understanding of the ins and outs of it, it could be games at poker.de or trying race car driving. You will be more happy and comfortable knowing exactly where you stand and what you can expect.

Are you considering getting a PADI certification on your Maui vacation? Here we will discuss some of the considerations when planning to get PADI certified.

  • Is Scuba Diving Dangerous?
    • Naturally, there are risks when ever you enter the ocean. SCUBA has aditional risks to swimming or snorkeling that must be taken seriously, proper instruction, training and certification is recomended and also required before you can rent equipment to SCUBA dive.
    • Maui’s climate and conditions offer ideal situations for training and Scuba introduction
    • With the proper training and a responsible attitude scuba diving can be enjoyed safely. In fact, almost all scuba diving injuries and casualties are the result of recklessness or bad judgment.
  • What about health problems?
    • The majority of possible health problems are forms of barotraumas, which are all caused in one way or another by changes in pressure. Other possible risks are associated with higher absorption of gases, while other risks are more mechanical and environmental in nature.
    • If you have existing health problems, please talk with you instructor to see if scuba diving is for you.
  • Is the equipment hard to use?
    • Modern scuba diving equipment is easy to use, very reliable and offer unique experiences for different divers and abilities.
    • We even offer scooter dives so you can taxi around the ocean floor and see more wildlife in less time!
  • What about Shark Attack?
    • Sharks live in the ocean, there is no question about that, but the fear of sharks is created by hype, hollywood and media sensations.

By comparison, more people are killed by dogs in the U.S. every year than have been killed by shark attacks in the last 100 years.Hawaii Shark Encounters

“There has never been a reported attack of a scuba diver in Hawaiian waters.” – Maui Shark Info

  • Why Maui?
    • Maui has some of the most pleasant year-round conditions for ocean life and scuba diving. There is almost always a good place to dive, if the winds are up on one side we can always dive on the other side. On your first dive you will see turtles and tropical fish everywhere. Maui also has some great ship wrecks and cave dives that are sooo much fun!
  • What do I need to get PADI certified?

    • If you want to learn to scuba dive, take a PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) Open Water Diver course, the most widely recognized and respected diving certification in the world. Within a few days, you can be enjoying the underwater world.Not sure if a full-blown course is for you? Take a Discover Scuba Diving program at with Scuba Mike and experience what you’re missing. Kids are welcome too. There are a variety of fun and exciting programs available for them as well.
  • Advanced PADI certifications
    • If you are an experienced diver and ready to take it to another level, Maui is the place to do it. Feel more comfortable in the water and simply enjoy diving more because you better understand the underwater environment by taking some advanced scuba diving PADI courses:
      • Altitude Diver
      • Boat Diver
      • Drift Diver
      • Deep Diver
      • Dry Suit Diver
      • Diver Propulsion Vehicle
      • Multilevel Diver
      • Night Diver
      • Peak Performance Buoyancy
      • Search and Recovery Diver
      • Underwater Naturalist
      • Underwater Videographer
      • Underwater Photographer
      • Underwater Navigator
      • AWARE Fish Identification
      • Wreck Diver

We love and apreciate the ocean, so remember to always care for it by taking care of the reef, not poluting the waters or the environment in any way possible. Also, don’t use water bottles! They end up in landfills or in the ocean, they need to be trucked around wasting gas and resources while poluting our environment again and again, simply for convenience? Say no to this idiocracy and drink water from a tap, filter, or reusable container.

Aloha, and malama da aina!!!

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