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13 Jul 2013

Maui Scuba Diving Reviews

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When it comes to scuba diving people want to know they can trust the scuba dive instructor, dive company, equipment and advices on where to go and where to scuba dive. We are happy to have received so many positive Maui Scuba diving reviews from our customers, many who say that it was the highlight of their Maui vacation, which says a lot because Maui is such an amazing place.
If you are considering Scuba Mike as your Scuba Diving Insructor, or Maui Scuba Diving Padi Certification, ask our customers what they think of their Maui Scuba Diving experience:

“”Highlight of our trip””

My son and I decided to dive with Scuba Mike, and it blew away anything we had done on the island! Mike went over all of the safety issues prior to getting in the water while interjecting his experiences on diving, skiing and surfing all over the world. Mike is a calming presence in the water using hand signals and gestures to allow for a great experience. We could not wait to share our experience with each other when we came up and our second dive was an absolute blast using the scooters! Scuba Mike has a unique combination of knowledge, experience and humor that makes your time with him FUN!!!

“Awesome experience”

This was an awesome experience!! Mike spends plenty of time with you above water going over everything so that you are well prepared for this adventure. He definitely does not rush anything. It was a pleasure hanging out with him, not only learning how to scuba dive but also about life on the Island. I would definitely recommend him for a lesson or two or three. You can even become a certified diver in as little as 4 dives with him. Thank you scuba Mike!!

“Amazing experience!”

I had a great experience diving with Scuba Mike. I had intended to only do an introductory dive (it was my first scuba dive) but after the first time decided to come back for a “scooter dive”. Both of them were basically private lessons.

Mike explained everything really well and made sure I understood the process before going out in the ocean. Everything was paced well and while we were underwater, he pointed out particularly interesting things, like a live helmet shell, which I would never have seen if he hadn’t shown it to me. The scooter dive was awesome fun, covering a lot more ground than if we had been just swimming with flippers.

I highly recommend scuba diving with Scuba Mike!

“Excellent first time experience!”

My husband and i were in maui, and happened to stumble upon scuba mike. We had never been snorkeling or scuba diving, but mike gave us some wonderful and informative instruction before hand. We had an awesome personal dive experience with scuba mike. We just wished we would of known about him at the beginning of our trip and not the last day so we could of had more sessions with him. He’s an awesome instructor and totally makes you feel at home under the water. Super experience with him and we would highly recommend him to anyone looking for some underwater fun!

“Excellent Instructor and Breath Taking Dive”

I dove with Scuba Mike two years ago. It was my first time scuba diving and I was a little nervous. He was incredibly helpful and helped me to feel safe and comfortable with all the equipment. I recently did a scoot er dive with him (5/24/13) and it was breath taking. We saw eels, barracuda, several turtles, and lots of different fish. He even took pictures for my buddy and I and they came out really well. He set up all the gear, explained everything clearly and concisely, and got us in the water quickly. We even went out to lunch with him after our dive just to hear his amazing stories from all of his experiences (he is a ski instructor, played international hockey for Germany in the 70’s, surfs and wind surfs). He makes you feel like a local and a friend. I will only dive with Scuba Mike

“Scuba Mike Rocks”

My first dive with Mike was a couple of years ago, the experience was so great I brought two of my best friends back and had a dive everyday during our trip. I didn’t think it could get better but it did. First Mike is probably the most accomplished diver and instructor I have met in 30 years of diving from the Jacques-Yves Cousteau Underwater Exploratory Society in Freeport, Bahamas to date. Safety is number one with excellent instruction and colorful antidotes. Conservation is Mikes life with excellent explanations of local concerns. Customer service is off the chart with willingness to meet anytime anywhere and provide the best opportunities for maximum enjoyment. Don’t miss the opportunity to dive with Mike in Maui. He also knows the best dining in town so give him a invite to lunch and dinner for more Scuba Mike Tales of Daring and Adventure from land and sea. You won’t be disappointed.

“time with scuba mike is a valuable experience”

i picked scuba mike based on his clear website, reviews like this, and a phone chat. the experience exceeded my expectations by a long shot. it was an experience, not just a class with a certification at the end. mike answers questions like a professor, ensures the important safety aspects are well understood, and notices everything in/out of the water. he obviously enjoys what he does and enjoys instructing others to do things the ‘right way’. i appreciated how flexible he was on my schedule constraints. i also enjoyed his insightful editorial discussions on everything from healthy eating to adventures of all kinds. mike is a guy you can trust to be safe and learn as much as you can soak in!

About the Author

I have been living and diving on the beautiful island of Maui for over 25 years! I love Maui and the opportunity it gives me to not only scuba dive daily but to share the experience with Maui visitors from around the world. I am a Master Scuba Dive Instructor, Surfer, Kayaker, accomplished waterman and outdoors man.