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16 Aug 2013

Maui Scuba Diving, Maui Scuba Instruction, Scuba Diving Reviews, Scuba Diving Certification

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Maui Scuba Diving – Scuba Mike offers scuba dive, scuba instruction, scuba diving reviews and Maui scuba diving certification.

Maui Scuba Mike Offers maui visitors exclusive advantages when visiting Maui, see Maui from UNDER WATER! An innovative scuba dive company in Maui now gives visitors an opportunity to receive their Scuba Instruction and PADI Certification while on vacation. It’s different then other Scuba diving company’s (see Maui Scuba Diving Reviews) in that Scuba Mikes dives are different for each client and depend on weather conditions. Which means visitors and scuba divers will get the best dive location possible for the time they are visiting Maui. Additionally there are these significant features to Scuba Mike’s certification courses that include advanced dives and certifications.

Master SCUBA Instructor Mike Przetak (aka Scuba Mike) explains that he created  his business because he wanted to give his life to Scuba diving and to share Maui’s unique underwater world experience. The business name, ‘Scuba Mike’ is catered to both first time scuba divers (beginners) and advanced adventure seeking SCUBA divers who visit Maui specifically for the dive experience. It’s really not a surprise it delivers to so many past customers, both beginner and advanced, because it comes from Mike’s passion for the scuba diving and for Maui. Thus, the underlying appeal of the experience is Mike himself, as he inspires us with his enthusiasm for the ocean and enables beginner scuba divers to fully experience the joys of scuba diving.

As of  2012 the estimated numbers of Maui visitors in a year is about 2.4 million, of those only a small percentage will actually take the plunge into Maui’s underwater world, when they are ready, Scuba mike is ready too, eager to show them a new world that just waiting under the surface.

For more info and all the details about certification, instruction and scuba diving on Maui, call Mike himself at 808.250.5494

150 Dickenson Street
Lahaina, HI 96761
(808) 250-5494
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