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13 Feb 2014

The healing power of Scuba diving

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diving-for-healingHave you heard of Mark Chenoweth the Scuba diver? If not he is definitely worth learning about as he has an inspiring story about the ocean, scuba diving and healing. Mark, who has spent the past ten years in a wheelchair a result of spina bifida, wanted to learn to scuba dive but was told by doctors that is was too dangerous and he should find a more suitable hobby or activity to try. Mark knew there was not many options for him, and he longed to explore. The ocean was calling him and he wanted to live life to the fullest.

Against medical advice, the Englishman singed up for a scuba diving PADI course and after his third dive, he discovered that he was able to stand up unaided. Three days later he was back in his wheelchair, so he booked another scuba diving trip. He soon found that the deeper he dove, the richer the oxygen and the longer he retained the use of his legs. The rich oxygen in the deep water affects the nerve cells damaged by the spina bifida and makes them work temporarily. A deep dive can keep him mobile for up to eight months!

Many of us dive for the enjoyment, but for Mark he dives so he can walk. There scuba-divingis something special that happens under the surface of the water that most of us Scuba divers know to be true, it’s what keeps us coming back for more. More adventure, more beauty, more water, more nature. I live to share this experience with others when they visit Maui.

If you have yet to experience the underwater world and are curious to know, please call me so we can discuss your questions and if you have specific needs or preferences in your exploration of scuba diving in the Maui water, I know it can be a big step into the abyss, but you will never know until you try. Just like Mark discovered he could walk, but not until he went out of his comfort zone and took a dive into the blue ocean of possibilities, my number is 808-250-5494!

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About the Author

I have been living and diving on the beautiful island of Maui for over 25 years! I love Maui and the opportunity it gives me to not only scuba dive daily but to share the experience with Maui visitors from around the world. I am a Master Scuba Dive Instructor, Surfer, Kayaker, accomplished waterman and outdoors man.