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20 Aug 2014

Maui Scuba Diving For Beginners

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Welcome to Maui! Thanks for reading our article Maui Scuba diving for Beginners. Maui is The second largest Hawaiian island in the island chain, a place which proves that heaven can be a place on Earth. If you are planning a vacation to Maui you are in for a treat, if you have yet to make plans, let’s take a quick time travel exercise for you:

imagine yourself lying on a sunny beach with a cold drink in one hand and a good book in the other while the calming waves are kissing the shoreline, the water glistening and welcoming you in for a swim, in the background you can hear the palm trees waving in the wind while you look around you to see smiles for miles as other visitors and local take in the culture and beauty of Hawaii

If that sounds good to you hold on to your seat because it gets better, way better! Relaxing on the beach and taking in the views and serene environment is only one part of this magic island, the next part is ADVENTURE! By choosing your holiday destination of Maui Hawaii, you will soon forget your routine and be ready to jump in a wide range of activities and from the mountain to the sea, or as they say in Hawaiian “Mauka to Makai”.

The island of Maui gives its visitors endless possibilities for enjoyment

Depending on your preferences, surely you can opt for a day at the beach or you can experience the excitement that comes along with ocean adventures and exploration, including surfing, kayaking, free diving, sailing, and SCUBA diving. The ever fascinating, magical and mind blowing experience of scuba diving Maui, is a Maui activity that can be taken to its highest levels, or should we say coolest depths? 😉

Think out of the box and INTO the ocean

Scuba Mike is a  firm believer in going beyond the comfort zone and trying something new. Escape your daily routine and try new things even if only once in a while – and scuba diving is the perfect new thing to experience. While visiting Maui,  you will develop a deep desire to get the most out of your experience here.

Try Scuba Diving, even if you never tried scuba diving in your life

scuba divers in maui taking a scuba lessonAllow us to give you a brief description of scuba diving and the world of magic that you are about to enter, if you so choose to. Firstly, Scuba diving is a sport that takes place underwater, this is what really sets SCUBA diving apart from the rest. We are pushing the evolutionary limits, thanks to technology!

Basically we have very useful tools and equipment that allow us to not only breath underwater, but move around, communicate, navigate and measure.

Scuba diving equipment includes:scuba diving gear

  • Scuba diving mask
  • Wetsuit
  • Swim fins
  • Scuba tank
  • Regulator
  • DPV or Underwater Scooter
  • Dive watch

All these tools make it safe and fun to scuba dive. You can take your equipment and gear to the next level if you are a scuba enthusiast like we are, Scuba Mike takes pride in using the absolute BEST SCUBA equipment possible, from masks to fins our dive students and customers are equipped with the best.

Does scuba diving sound appealing to you, but it’s completely new? You are in the right place

scooter diving in mauiWe welcome and  encourage people to try Scuba Diving when on their Maui Vacation, we really hope you do because Maui is such a great place to begin your journey into scuba diving. You can easily learn how to scuba dive with the right scuba dive instructor and an open mind. All you have to do is to take scuba diving lesson. You can start by taking a introductory scuba dive (sometimes called discovery dive) next we suggest you to register for a  PADI Open Water Certification which will allow you to continue your PADI instruction in other destinations or back at home.

The learning process includes understanding the classroom information and safety from the PADI Open Water Manual prior to your open water training. Even with your Maui scuba diving PADI certificate, you do not need to worry about being left alone – extraordinaire master scuba instructor SCUBA MIKE will guide and assist you all along the way.

Maui scuba diving is an incredible experience

Maui scuba diving is an incredible experience. You will not believe what the waters of Hawaii hide underneath the glistening surface. For the time spent in the water, you may even feel as if you’d be on another planet where gravity does not exist, because under water you can no longer feel the weight of your body or even the stress and worries that might be lingering from life on land, they seem to vanish as you embrace this experience that reminds you how great it is to be alive! There is a feeling of absolute freedom once you start exploring the beautiful world kept secret  – the coral reef, the wide range of fish species, the turtles and the variety of plants that grow there.

You will be fascinated, thrilled and eager to repeat the experience!

Moreover, scuba diving is a sport that can be practiced by anyone who has at least ten years old, which makes it perfect of spending quality time with your family and loved ones in a beautiful, breath taking world –your worries will disappear, you will feel more peaceful, calm and relaxed, you will experience adventure, newness, freshness, beauty and we hope you will be thinking about your next Maui scuba diving experience!

Are you ready to try? Call Mike today to explore your ideas, thoughts and concerns (808)250-5494. Mike is a phone guy, really great to talk to, you will know very soon if you are a good match for Scuba diving with scuba mike. You can also begin reservation by using our reservation form, Mike is great with replying to emails quick, so long as he is not underwater! Much aloha, hope to see you soon in Maui!

About the Author

I have been living and diving on the beautiful island of Maui for over 25 years! I love Maui and the opportunity it gives me to not only scuba dive daily but to share the experience with Maui visitors from around the world. I am a Master Scuba Dive Instructor, Surfer, Kayaker, accomplished waterman and outdoors man.