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Scuba FAQ

Is Scuba diving safe?
All our instructors are PADI licensed Open Water Scuba instructors, and we hold a perfect safety record with over 25 years of Scuba diving without any accident.

Does Maui have good Scuba diving?
You will see coral, tropical fish, eels, turtles, eagle rays and more in our beautiful underwater world . . . And that’s just on an average Maui Scuba diving day!

Do I have to swim everywhere or is there an easier way?
Our Scuba Scooter dives are great fun! Travel up to four times faster and eight times further with this easy to handle underwater vehicle.

Ok, I like what I see but how do I get started?
Well, I love to talk on the phone as we can get to know each other, but I’m quite often underwater scuba diving, so if you use the online reservation form I can get to know when you will be here, where your staying (what part of the island) and what type of dive you would like to do. Reservation Form. Phone Number: 808.250.5494

This is my first time to Maui, is there anything I should know?
The Hawaiian islands are a beautiful and majestic location. Maui has its own personality that draws visitors from around the world. Hawaii is an island chain with the most remote population in the world, in the middle of the pacific ocean. Even thou Hawaii is considered part of the US, but it was once a proud nation with a monarchy and parliament. Hawaii has a very rich culture and history that you should could learn about during your stay.

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