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Ten Scuba Diving Christmas Gift Ideas

Scuba diving is a sport that not many people give a thought to throughout the winter months. Especially not during the Christmas season. The idea of diving down into warm waters at a tropical location seems to slip from peoples minds and is replaced by Christmas carols, candy canes,  mistletoe and snuggling up by the.. read more →

Top scuba destinations in the world – (Top 5)

Winter chill is setting in and it is starting to get cold out there with record low temperatures around North America caused by arctic blasts and freezing temperatures. Many scuba divers now begin to wonder how they can keep up with their passion for underwater exploration while others are not effected by the cold water and simply.. read more →

5 Things You Will Learn On Your First Maui Scuba Dive

Aloha Maui Scuba Divers! Today we are going to talk about things that you will learn on your first Maui scuba dive. This is helpful information if you are a first time scuba diver or just want to learn about Maui Scuba Diving for Beginners and are curious about what exactly is taught. Their will.. read more →

Maui Scuba Diving For Beginners

Welcome to Maui! Thanks for reading our article Maui Scuba diving for Beginners. Maui is The second largest Hawaiian island in the island chain, a place which proves that heaven can be a place on Earth. If you are planning a vacation to Maui you are in for a treat, if you have yet to.. read more →

Get PADI certification on a Maui Vacation

How do you get PADI certified on a Maui vacation? So you ventured into the water and discovered there is so much more to the ocean then meets the eye. With an Introductory Scuba under your belt, feet wet and ready for more, you might be wondering “Hey, I have another week left on my.. read more →

Should I Try Scuba Diving For the First Time, on Maui?

Finally after months of careful planning and painfully waiting, you’ve arrived to Maui, Hawaii. Toes buried in the sand, a tasty beverage in one hand, a grip of exciting brochures in the other, each telling you “what to do on Maui“. On the cover of the brochure your eye catches a scuba diver and a.. read more →

Maui Scuba Divers: Protecting The Reef

As a SCUBA diver who is passionate about the ocean I find myself in a unique position, as I inform and educate myself and my student divers about the fragile ecosystems that surround us when we dive. Somedays here in Maui I struggle between my role as a dive master and a reef protector; conservation.. read more →

The healing power of Scuba diving

Have you heard of Mark Chenoweth the Scuba diver? If not he is definitely worth learning about as he has an inspiring story about the ocean, scuba diving and healing. Mark, who has spent the past ten years in a wheelchair a result of spina bifida, wanted to learn to scuba dive but was told.. read more →

Maui Scuba Dive Recap and Client Review

On this day there was a south swell rolling through the islands, we decided to leave real early to get a jump start on the conditions and hope for good visibility. We arrived at the beach around 7am, the waves were already there, not your favorite thing to see when going scuba diving but oh.. read more →

Maui Scuba Diving Sites

Maui Scuba Diving Overview Before we get into Maui Scuba Diving Sites lets talk about Maui Hawaii, just as beautifully picturesque below water as above, Maui was rated top 10 scuba dive spots to scuba dive in the country. It’s not uncommon on a scuba dive to see massive green sea turtles, spotted eagle rays,.. read more →