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Maui Scuba Diving – Scuba Mike offers scuba dive, scuba instruction, scuba diving reviews and Maui scuba diving certification. Maui Scuba Mike Offers maui visitors exclusive advantages when visiting Maui, see Maui from UNDER WATER! An innovative scuba dive company in Maui now gives visitors an opportunity to receive their Scuba Instruction and PADI Certification.. read more →

16 Aug 2013
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Maui Scuba Diving Reviews

When it comes to scuba diving people want to know they can trust the scuba dive instructor, dive company, equipment and advices on where to go and where to scuba dive. We are happy to have received so many positive Maui Scuba diving reviews from our customers, many who say that it was the highlight.. read more →

GoPro Diving Video

If you are a scuba diver, then you can really relate to this video and the feeling of being under water. If not, come try scuba diving with Scuba Mike and experience the beautiful underwater world. read more →

Scuba Diving in Maui: Video

A great video made by a fellow scuba diver in Maui. Watch the video to get a good idea of the unique dive environment Maui has to offer. read more →

Whale Comes By To Say Hello to Scuba Dive Boat

This is a great video of a whale encounter just off the coast of Kona! read more →

What is it like to scuba dive with whales?

First of all, the whales have arrived on Maui! We are seeing them out there breaching and fin slapping letting us all know they are in town. For us Scuba divers, an oportunity to be scuba diving when a whale come by or a pod of whales, is a moment we live for! http://youtu.be/RKWkUKOFpSI read more →

Maui Vacation 2012

WE love it when our clients share with us their vacation videos, if you have one please post it! read more →

Maui Scuba Diving Locations VIDEO

This movie shows dive sites like Black Rock, Molokini Crater, Molokini back wall, and various other reefs around West Maui. Maui has some great scuba diving locations that can be access by shore. Check out more Maui Scuba dive sites here: Maui Dive Sites read more →

Maui Dive Site: First Cathedral

Great footage from Maui Scuba Dive site known as “First Cathedral” on the island of Lanai, just off the coast of Maui. read more →

What are the best activities to do in maui?

We get this question quite a bit, which is understandable as Maui has many great things to do, but when you have a limited time you want to be sure you have experienced “The Best”. I think it is a matter of personality and preference, as some of you might be more active then others,.. read more →