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Go Tropical

Put away that wet suit and bathe in warm, clear water. Looking for colorful fish? Coral reefs are earth’s natural aquaria. Looking for large creatures? Turtles, rays and huge grouper often drift by – just an arm’s length away. And, when you come up, the tropical sun warms your soul and burns away stress. If.. read more →

New computer for scuba diving videos

Hi all, Just a quick newsflash, just got my new computer today and set it up with Final Cut Pro, so will be making movies for you soon! read more →

Photos from happy divers

Here are some photos sent to me from my customers read more →

Red Lion fish

The Red Lion fish, native of the Western Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean, has been growing in population in the Atlantic Ocean.  The Red Lion fish is a member of the scorpion fish family and protects itself through its venomous spines. Scientists believe the fish was released from household pets as they overgrew the tanks.  (Sound familiar to.. read more →

Ocean Conservancy annual Coastal Cleanup

The Ocean Conservancy annual Coastal Cleanup will be held on Saturday, September 20th.  37 out of 50 states are participating in the coastal cleanup (even many land-locked states).  If you are interested in participating in the coastal cleanup, please visit their website at www.oceanconservancy.org Volunteers are needed to help clean the along the beaches, scuba.. read more →

Black Rock

Black Rock is on the site of the Sheraton Hotel. This is a great diving location and easy to access. Also you can see cliff divers in diving off the rocks. This dive spot is located at the far end of Ka’anapali Beach. You’ll need to park in the public garage, and hike with equipment-on-back.. read more →


Mokule’ia is another great dive and snorkel site, but it’s a good hike down to the beach. A great place to spend the day with the kids, so bring a cooler with food and water. Directions: Travel North on Highway 31 until about mile mark 32.6. You can’t miss the bay off to your left. read more →

Honolua Bay

Honolua Bay offers a good experience for both snorkelers and divers. You may, however, be a little fatigued after the quarter mile hike down the private access road. But if you are up to it, you’ll find the dive rewarding. Directions: Travel North on Highway 31 until about mile marker 33. You’ll notice a small.. read more →

About Hawai’i’s Coral Reefs

Coral reefs exist in only two percent of the world’s oceans. The diversity of life in a coral reef is second only to that of the tropical rainforest. Coral animals are ant-sized relatives of jellyfish that produce protective limestone habitat for multiple species of fish and other organisms. The world’s coral reefs are being greatly.. read more →