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Scuba Diving in Maui: Video

A great video made by a fellow scuba diver in Maui. Watch the video to get a good idea of the unique dive environment Maui has to offer. read more →

Whale Comes By To Say Hello to Scuba Dive Boat

This is a great video of a whale encounter just off the coast of Kona! read more →

What is it like to scuba dive with whales?

First of all, the whales have arrived on Maui! We are seeing them out there breaching and fin slapping letting us all know they are in town. For us Scuba divers, an oportunity to be scuba diving when a whale come by or a pod of whales, is a moment we live for! http://youtu.be/RKWkUKOFpSI read more →

Red Lion fish

The Red Lion fish, native of the Western Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean, has been growing in population in the Atlantic Ocean.  The Red Lion fish is a member of the scorpion fish family and protects itself through its venomous spines. Scientists believe the fish was released from household pets as they overgrew the tanks.  (Sound familiar to.. read more →