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Maui Scuba Divers: Protecting The Reef

As a SCUBA diver who is passionate about the ocean I find myself in a unique position, as I inform and educate myself and my student divers about the fragile ecosystems that surround us when we dive. Somedays here in Maui I struggle between my role as a dive master and a reef protector; conservation.. read more →

Ocean Conservancy annual Coastal Cleanup

The Ocean Conservancy annual Coastal Cleanup will be held on Saturday, September 20th.  37 out of 50 states are participating in the coastal cleanup (even many land-locked states).  If you are interested in participating in the coastal cleanup, please visit their website at www.oceanconservancy.org Volunteers are needed to help clean the along the beaches, scuba.. read more →

About Hawai’i’s Coral Reefs

Coral reefs exist in only two percent of the world’s oceans. The diversity of life in a coral reef is second only to that of the tropical rainforest. Coral animals are ant-sized relatives of jellyfish that produce protective limestone habitat for multiple species of fish and other organisms. The world’s coral reefs are being greatly.. read more →

Maui Reef Fund

> Maui’s Reefs The coastal waters of Maui are blessed with a vast diversity of marine life and miles of exquisite coral reefs, making them some of the finest diving and fishing areas in the world. The Maui Reef Fund is a private program designed to help ensure that the outstanding coral reefs that you.. read more →