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5 Things You Will Learn On Your First Maui Scuba Dive

Aloha Maui Scuba Divers! Today we are going to talk about things that you will learn on your first Maui scuba dive. This is helpful information if you are a first time scuba diver or just want to learn about Maui Scuba Diving for Beginners and are curious about what exactly is taught. Their will.. read more →

Get PADI certification on a Maui Vacation

How do you get PADI certified on a Maui vacation? So you ventured into the water and discovered there is so much more to the ocean then meets the eye. With an Introductory Scuba under your belt, feet wet and ready for more, you might be wondering “Hey, I have another week left on my.. read more →

Should I Try Scuba Diving For the First Time, on Maui?

Finally after months of careful planning and painfully waiting, you’ve arrived to Maui, Hawaii. Toes buried in the sand, a tasty beverage in one hand, a grip of exciting brochures in the other, each telling you “what to do on Maui“. On the cover of the brochure your eye catches a scuba diver and a.. read more →

GoPro Diving Video

If you are a scuba diver, then you can really relate to this video and the feeling of being under water. If not, come try scuba diving with Scuba Mike and experience the beautiful underwater world. read more →

3 Reasons To go Scuba Diving on Maui this Holiday Season

Maui’s warm water! The 2012 winter season is shaping up to be one of the coldest winters in recent history for much of the mainland US. Take a break and jump in the warm refreshing waters of Hawaii! The cheer! The friendly fish of the sea will warm your soul and bring a smile. Get.. read more →

Scuba Diving, Snorkeling and Free Diving Differences

Snorkeling is using a mask and snorkel; you may or may not have fins on. Normally snorklers swim on the surface of the water and cruise around looking at the tropical Maui fish and Hawaiian corals just below  them. Sometimes diving under the water, and see the fish up close, which requires equilizing the ears.. read more →