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Should I Try Scuba Diving For the First Time, on Maui?

Finally after months of careful planning and painfully waiting, you’ve arrived to Maui, Hawaii. Toes buried in the sand, a tasty beverage in one hand, a grip of exciting brochures in the other, each telling you “what to do on Maui“. On the cover of the brochure your eye catches a scuba diver and a.. read more →

Intro and Training Dives with Maui Scuba Mike

Are you thinking about trying out SCUBA? Maui is a great place to Scuba Dive because of it’s great water temperatures and easy access to Scuba Diving sites (via Shoredives) with lots of sea life. Introduction to Scuba Scuba diving is swimming underwater while using self-contained breathing equipment. Scuba stands for “Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus.”.. read more →